””I will make sure all your answers about this new connection get answered!” ”

Gerrit Heijkoop

Conference The New Silk Road 2018
Routes, volumes and ambitions

The popularity of the New Silk Road, or in the broader sense the Belt and Road initiative (BRI), has increased rapidly over the last few years. The Eurasian railway network offers plenty of opportunities for the countries, parties and people along the old trade network. But how do you grasp these opportunities? What should you do if you want to do business on the New Silk Road?

The conference The New Silk Road offers all aspects relevant for transport and logistics providers. The following topics will be discussed:
– Routes and connections
– Volume and capacity
– What does the market demand? In China and in Europe?
– How to do business in China
– Obstacles: customs procedures, sanctions and documentation
– Logistics solutions
– Shippers’ experiences
– Geopolitical relations and their implications on trade and transport

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For whom?
Around 250 logistics specialists will attend this conference. You will meet logistics providers, operators, shippers, forwarders, from the Netherlands and other countries involved. You will gain knowledge about the latest developments, understand the routes and connections and know how to take the business opportunities currently



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