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Lenovo shares insights computer shipment by rail
One-and-a half year ago Lenovo decided to ship its products by train. Before a computer made in China reaches the customer in Europe, it has endured severe climate conditions, border controls, and loading and unloading at terminals in the middle of nowhere. Lees verder….

Chengdu on the lookout for western products
The Chinese market is welcoming western products with open arms; the opportunities for traders are plenty. This is the message of Dutch logistics provider GVT and Chengdu International Railway Investment & Development Group (CIPI), which are jointly responsible for the railway service between the Chinese city of Chengdu and Tilburg in the Netherlands. Lees verder….

Second edition of the New Silk Road Congress in the Netherlands
In less than two months, the second edition of the New Silk Road Congress takes place in the Dutch city of Tilburg. On 27 September, Het Patronaat will host shippers, logistics providers, lawyers, operators and other experts from all over the world to discuss the current state of affairs on the railway connection between Europe and China. Lees verder….

Goederentrein rijdt van Changsha naar Tilburg
Op 16 augustus vertrok een testtrein van Changsha in China naar Tilburg, geleid door GVT en Hunan Xiangou Express Co. Als de test succesvol blijkt te zijn, zal Tilburg voortaan wekelijks een trein uit Changsha ontvangen. Lees verder….

Bier en Maybachs over de Nieuwe Zijderoute, bekijk hier het interview met Roland Verbraak – GVT Transport & Logistics

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